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What is Design Registration?

The right of registration, which is given to the owner of the designs that have not been presented to the public before and that have a distinctive feature, is called Design Registration.

Not every design can be registered. Designs that are against the principles of general morality and are contrary to public order are not registered. In addition, a technique that does not have a definite distinguishing feature, is not new or has been used compulsorily cannot be protected with a registration certificate.

Technical and distinctive features such as shape, color, texture, general appearance and lines are the distinguishing features sought in design.

Why is Design Registration Important?

It is important for people or companies that create a suitable and unique design to be used in the industry to register their designs in order to secure the invention. The scope of the registration is the decorations, lines, pictures, patterns, colors or textures on the product. The registration of the product proves that the design has not been used by other people or brands before. In this way, the product with the same design details is prevented from being used, sold or stolen by competitors.

Even if the registered design is faced with situations such as theft, the registered company or person can take advantage of legal ways to seek their rights. Since the theft of the developed design is guaranteed by law, there is no loss of effort, effort and cost spent to reveal the design.

Design Registration Protection Period

The protection period of registered designs is 5 years from the date of application. This protection period can be extended up to 25 years by renewing the registration in five-year periods.

Design Registration Conditions

  • Innovation
  • Distinguishing from similar products
  • Perceptible by human senses
  • The design belongs to the product or product part
  • Proven originality by design research