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What is Trademark Registration?

A brand is an element characterized as a name, term, word, symbol, design, sign, shape, color or various components thereof to identify, promote and differentiate the products and services of a manufacturer or seller.

What is Industrial Trademark Registration?

Trademark registrations applied to industrial designs are examined under a different heading. Concepts that should come to mind when it comes to design; are concepts such as shape, form, color, lines, structural features, and various ornaments of the product. Each product has a certain design and in this way it is distinguished from other products.

When it comes to industrial design, what should come to mind is; The product subject to the design should be products that meet the consumer needs, have aesthetic concerns, have a certain functionality, can be produced with low cost and provide optimum benefit for the consumer. Industrial Design/Trademark Registration; It is the registration process that ensures that all the features of the brand and design of the product you produce (such as size, shape, shape, color, structural difference) can be distinguished from other products and brands and that protects that design and brand.

What is the Importance of Trademark Registration?

Protecting a brand is an issue that should be considered and considered from the development stage of a product. Protecting the trademark is an industrial right and this protection can only be achieved by registration. Trademark registration is important in many issues such as defending your right in future violations, preventing, stopping and resolving the violation, demanding compensation, requesting a criminal investigation for those who usurped the trademark rights, protecting the trademark against counterfeit products, purchasing a domain with com.tr extension. carries. For unregistered trademarks, only a limited protection against unfair competition is possible, which is an example for us to understand the importance of trademark registration.

Which Trademarks Can Be Registered?

The most important condition of trademark registration is that it is 'Distinctive'. Words, shapes, colors, packaging, etc., including personal names, provided that they can be displayed in the registry in a way that can be understood at first glance. distinctive signs may be included in the scope of trademark registration. Distinctive feature refers to the unique features of any sign that are different from other signs.


All institutions and persons performing their functions in commercial activities in Turkey can apply for trademark registration. The trademark registration application is made by the applicant or his/her attorney online or after filling in the required documents.


Legal Entity (Company) Applications;

  • Tax Certificate Photocopy
  • Logo Representing the Brand (if any)
  • Power of Attorney (Notarized Not Required)

.For Individual Application;

  • Photocopy of identify card
  • Logo Representing the Brand (if any)
  • Power of Attorney (Notarized Not Required)

How to Register a Trademark?

A trademark application can be filed with physical documents or online. Conditions such as the applicant's dealing with trade or having a commercial enterprise are not sought in the application conditions. In order to protect the trademark in all its lines, it is important to make a registration application for each trademark, that is, an application does not cover more than one trademark.

While applying for registration, the laws must be meticulously examined, the necessary documents must be prepared, and the fees (for example: Priority Right) must be paid. Upon the application, the trademark registration is carried out at the end of the process carried out by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

The most important thing you should pay attention to in trademark registration is to choose Bera Patent. Because even if you take steps to protect your brand, that doesn't mean it can't be stolen.